There are 2 states, 15 counties and 96 cities in the greater Kansas City area where you could have gotten that ticket. Each has their own set of rules, courts prosecutors and procedures.

Where you go depends on who has the jurisdiction.

If it’s on a highway and issued by the highway patrol, you’re probably going to the county and state court.

Within the city limits, and issued by a policeman, you’re going to the municipal court.

It will say where the court is on the ticket and how to contact them.  It will also give you the court date that you will need to answer or plead by.

When you’re stopped, stay in the car, keep your hand in view and have your license and insurance ready to hand to the officer.

Then Shut up! Don’t argue, don’t make excuses.  If he asks if you know what is wrong, say “NO”. Then take the ticket and say thank you.  If there’s a problem we’ll work it out later.  He’s just there to enforce the law, not interpret it.  Chances of getting off with a warning are 100% better if you’re nice to the guy.  If you’re a jerk, they can mark on the ticket that you were “uncooperative” or worse yet, additional charges and a few hours in the unfriendly confines of the local jail.  Worst case scenario everyone gets mad and someone gets hurt.

Remember that the guy or gal giving you a ticket is just that, a guy or a gal.  They may be having a bad day so you don’t want to do anything to make it worse or to give them an excuse to pull that gun or tazer.  Stay calm and everything can get worked out afterwards in court.

Call me.  We can usually amend the ticket to a charge that will not be reflected on your driving record and therefore won’t increase you insurance.  It’s going to be more expensive than just paying the fine, but it won’t go on your record.

I usually advise you to call your insurance agent to see what a moving violation would do to your rates to see if it’s worth it.

But remember that if you plead guilty and pay it, it could jeopardize your license should you get additional ticket in the future.

How often have I heard that one?  While I understand the motivation, this decision is always “Good for me, bad for you”.  It really comes down to an economic decision.  What are your principles worth?  It is usually more expensive to fight it and go to trial and just take care of it by amendment and your likelihood of success at the municipal level is remote.  We can discuss this, but usually it never makes sense.

Sure, but remember that there are a lot of rules and sometimes you might only have a limited amount of amendments you can do in a year.  Also, what is your time worth?  It may take me ½ hour to take care of a ticket and I’m usually there with other clients.  You could sit in a courtroom for hours waiting to see the prosecutor or the judge.  Sometimes the police officer might tell you that you can take care of it but remember, he’s not your friend, he’s the guy that just gave you the ticket.

All jurisdictions may vary a little, but usually DUIs, Speeds in excess of 20-25 miles over limit or going over 100 mile per hour won’t be amendable.  Some jurisdictions won’t let you amend tickets in school or constructions zones while other just make you pay additional amounts.  If you’re under 18 some jurisdictions make you attend a class, others won’t.  That’s really why you need an attorney, to let you know what will be required and to make sure that you get the best deal available.