Probate Services

Let us provide the support you need during a difficult time after the death of a loved one

Miller Law Firm is (hopefully) your last stop for information about the Missouri and Kansas Probate process.

There are pitfalls everywhere and even the “simplest” of probates can become complicated if executed poorly. 

Probate is the court supervised distribution of your assets that usually involves…

  • Filing a deceased person’s Will with the local probate court
  • Taking an inventory/getting appraisals
  • Publishing notices
  • Paying all legal debts
  • Distributing the remaining assets and property to the rightful heirs

Depending upon the size and complexity of the estate, probate can take from a little to a great deal of time. The cost can be relatively inexpensive or considerable.  Depending on the size and complexity of your estate it could cost from a few hundred to a few thousand dollars.  Sometimes Probate is unavoidable.  This is usually when there is real estate involved and title needs to be corrected.
There are several kinds of Probate depending on which state you are in.

  • The Court can appoints an Administrator to collect your assets, pay your bills and make distributions to heir when there is no will.
  • The Court appoints an Executor, usually chosen by the deceased, to collect your assets, pay your bills and make distributions according to the will when a Will has been presented. Either of these can be supervised or unsupervised and my require a bond. There are other types of probate proceedings that might be utilized in both Kansas and Missouri.
  • Determination of Descent or Heir-ship can be utilized when there is property that has not been administered and the time for presentation of a will has expired.  This is relatively inexpensive and quick process, however, the property will pass as if there was no will.
  • Informal Administration can also be utilized.

You should contact our office as soon after the passing of a loved one as possible and we can guide you through these choices and advise you of the consequences.

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