Real Estate Sales and Development

If you are dealing with a real estate transaction, you can do it yourself, just don’t do it alone.

Real Estate transactions are tricky and if not done right can costs thousands of dollars in the long run when for a couple of hundred of dollars and sometimes for nothing, the mistakes could have been avoided and the transaction properly done.  Some of these include:

Buying or Selling a house.  Typically a real estate transaction is handled by a licensed real estate broker who charges a fee to the seller of the property.  If you are a BUYER, no one is protecting your interests unless you have signed a BUYER’S AGENCY agreement.  If you haven’t then you’re on your own.  The Real Estate Agent represents the Seller and not you.  As a licensed real estate Broker, we can represent you as a Buyer and take our fee from the real estate commission.  This does not affect the price paid by the Buyer or cost anything for the Buyer.  The fees are split according to the Real Estate laws under a system that is well established and recognized by every real estate brokerage.

Commercial Rental.  As in the case of a BUYER in a real estate transaction, a TENANT in a Commercial lease situation is not represented by anyone unless they specifically sign a TENANT’S AGENCY agreement.  As in the case of the BUYER, no one is looking out for the TENANT.  In many instances these are long and cumbersome agreement that are going to bind you to conditions and terms that could cost you thousands of dollars over a 3-5 year period.  If you don’t know what’s wrong with the agreement, that’s the problem.  As a real estate broker, we can represent the Tenant and take our fee from the commission paid by the LANDLORD.

Development and Zoning.  If you have a piece of property that you want to sell buy need to have it rezoned, or if you have a particular plan for the property and need help getting that started and done through the maze of local governmental red tape, we can help.  We can work with the local government and get your plans approved and through the various stages of development and zoning.  Of course, there’s no guarantee of success, but we will guarantee that you’ll be better off with someone who knows the system and what may or may not be acceptable.