One of our services is Affordable Documents.  This is a service which will provide you access to commonly used documents such as Wills, Trusts, Deeds, Powers of Attorneys, etc. and with commonly used court forms such as Divorce and Probate matter along with easy to understand instructions.  We provide these to you at a fraction of the cost that is usually charged for such services.  We can provide you with the documents if you’re a true DIY type and have an adventurous sole, but we suggest our Limited Representation service that will let you contact us, give us the information discuss your needs with a licensed attorney and then we can provide you with Attorney Prepared documents.   If something more technical or specific is required, we’ll let you know and you can make the decision on whether to proceed. YOU’RE ALWAYS IN CONTROL.

Here are some commonly used services:

  • Estate Package
  • Living Trust – Single (with Deed)
  • Living Trust – Joint (with Deed)
  • Living Trust – Amendment
  • Durable Power of Attorney
  • Last Will and Testament
  • Will Package (Will, POA’s & Deed)
  • Will Package – Joint (with Deed)
  • Quit Claim Deed
  • Beneficiary Deed

Simple Divorce Package

  • Without Children
  • With Children

A “Simple Divorce” is one that is unconstested by the parties.  The parties will agree to the disposition of assets and debts and the care and custody of any children.  Price includes Petition and Documents required to file the Divorce, a Separattion Agreement setting forth the parties agreement and a Journal Entry.  The prices does not include Motions or other filings or matters that are contested. Should you wish MLF to go to court, a separate agreement will be required. MLF has the sole discretion on whether the divorce is “Simple” and additional fees may be charged for additional hearing and document preparations.

*Court filing fees not included. More than one form listed may be required.  Fees subject to change without notice, and are for document preparation only.  Fees required by third parties, such as process servers, publication fees, or the further assistance of  the attorney are additional, land will be fully explained prior to services being rendered.

Because estate planning needs vary from individual to individual,  and in particular if your estate is in excess of $2 million, you should seek the advice of an accounting or tax professional, financial planner or estate planning advisor on these and other topics for your complete estate planning purposes.
Please fill out the information below and click “Send” We can send you a list of documents and the prices charged and make arrangements to help you further.  It’s that easy.